Design thinking is a process that comes together following this particular route..

GE, SAP and APPLE all have design thinking workshops and have produced new products, such as SAP’s HANA and saved Airbnb, furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, use it to solve problems and build more harmonious teams. However, despite the success of companies using design thinking, especially those in Silicon Valley, few outside of the valley really look to innovate. The majority of businesses do not a use methodology like design thinking, which for them makes innovation a guessing game, worse still are ones that have problems and fail to find ways of converting their problems, and their customers problems, into opportunities, sooner or later, these companies will go the same way as the dinosaur pictured above.

Only the most innovative business schools, most notably, Stanford’s famous d:school, champion it, which is where I was introduced to the process.

Why use Design Thinking?

Design thinking saved Airbnb from a failing company to one that is now worth over $1.3 B, that says a lot. It is fundamentally a user centric tactic, deductive, project based work flow, and project based workflow reasoning coupled up with cluster teamwork. Instead of focusing exclusively on analytics and difficult to measure data analytics, the design processes goal is to generate ideas that will keep client’s needs in mind, and championing innovative solutions through empathy for teammates and clients —how they think, feel and believe.

Design Thinking is a way to champion empathy encouraging practitioners to recognise, interact and use the service or product and identify and define the best ways of optimizing such actions and reactions. Many pioneering companies and organizations are focused on their leaders adapting a design thinking pact that will help solve both internal and external company problems.

Successful design thinking workshops facilitate the ability and the recognition to generate different perspectives, spot patterns, behaviors and trends. This is iteration.

Design Thinking allows a group or an individual turn to emergent possibilities as a means of seeking to design viable outcomes or coming up with better solutions to the stated issued or thinking focus, then its all about rapid prototyping.
Click here if you would like to learn more about design thinking and combining it with rapid reasoning.
Design thinking 2:0



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